Here's to livin' every minute of it

Here's to livin' every minute of it
Here's to livin' every minute and enjoying every minute of it

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I've Always Been a Bit of a Clown!

It's a truth universally acknowledged that I've always been a bit of a clown!  My defense is that bringing a smile to someone's face has ever been my goal.. even now.  Humor, the ability to laugh, giggle, snort or outloud guffaw has ever been what drives me.  Sometimes my taste in TV has supported this behaviour:

In fact, I was an avid Goodies fan as a child.. and my mother could never understand what I found so funny!  But I knew why.. to this day.. I cry with laughter at these three boys.. ah, classic laughter

A lot of things tickle my funny bone, in a previous post you'll note I placed a segment with President Monson making me giggle during his conference address.. wiggling his ears... a very becoming thing for a Prophet to do... how I love President Monson's humor.. always good natured, always positive.

30 rock makes me howl with laughter.. literally all the time:
I know people.. sometimes it's rude humor.. but I'm sorry to say.. Tina Fey gets me.. she knows how to press my 'funny' button every time.

There are of course classic movies that make me howl.. in highschool we could quote Monty Python movies... to this day I can still quote some of the funniest lines:

Tis but a scratch.. a scratch. your arms off... come on you pansy!

And I can still quote large sections of The Princess Bride:

Pixar have long been making me laugh... with their long films like toy story, etc.. but especially their short films... For The Birds is the little film I watch when I just wanta get happy... and snort with laughter:

Musicals - Into the Woods.. Stephen Sondheim is a genius.. every time I hear the princes sing agony, I have to smuffle my giggles:
If you ever want to see a musical that makes you laugh, cry, think, ponder - you MUST go and see Into The Woods.

And in the end, I'm always up for something that makes me laugh.. because laughter.. (and laugh lines) are the best way to spend every minute on this place we call earth:

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