Here's to livin' every minute of it

Here's to livin' every minute of it
Here's to livin' every minute and enjoying every minute of it

Monday, December 27, 2010

Preparing for Sydney!!

No silly's, not the city, but the incomparable, beautiful Sydney Carlson.  Yes, on christmas day she was surprised with a flight to sydney by her mum and dad... I colluded in this surprise - I gave him the best month for her to come and visit me and my crazy family and this AWESOME place that I live in.. July 2011.

Now,  I know what all the aussies are saying right now.. but Tanya, that's winter, how can she enjoy the world class beaches.. the relaxed beachy lifestyle of sydney..

Shame on you doubters - because my reply is.. Sydney (the person and the city) shines all year round.  Instead of sludging through snow.. Sydney will be feeling just a little chilly and maybe a little wet.... cause we really have quite mild winters!  Why.. if you are a Bondi iceberg - you even swim in the depths of winter - betcha can't do that in Utah in the dead of winter!

Sydney, the beautiful girl, could come here and get the usual tourist sites.. but NO, she is with the locals.. so it is the local she will get.  The food.. oh, the food... so many different types and styles to choose from!  My mother's memories and nooks and crannies of the blue mountains, my sisters and their awesome 'getting to know the area' techniques... picnic down at Garritty with Janne and family.... wandering around the city with Sam and family... I got plans people.. lots of plans!

I am determined that Sydney experience the city and place she was named after...

I did toss up QLD, and VIC.. and even NT.  But felt.. nope.. there is so much in NSW to see and do and experience.. north coast.. south coast... blue mountains.... central coast... beaches... food... city... shopping.... taronga zoo.... featherdale wildlife park.... even just doing my favourite thing with Syd and walk through the city and darling harbour and just 'potter'.. go up to the rocks... climb the bridge.. walk over the bridge.. wander through the botanical gardens... wander around the opera house.. sit at Cremorne point after riding the ferry and looking at one of the most amazing views ever.... maybe go see 'Mary Poppins' and some of the other world class entertainment Sydney holds....

Yep, I got plans.  I will be relying on my sisters to help me with the plans... and my mum.  We are all excited.. for so many years Sydney's family have played host to me.. treated me like I was their own.. we intend on repaying just a small part of that!

So 2011 starts with so many exciting things to come... a family holiday in April (thanks mum).. Mum's 70th birthday.. Mary Poppins with all the girls in the family in May... Sydney in July...

Yep, 2011 is the year I'm really looking forward to!

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  1. I am so stoked! I've already filled out my passport information and I'll probably head over sometime this week to put it in :D I'm not sure I can wait another seven months but I perhaps I will have to survive...LOVE YOU! See you soon :P


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