Here's to livin' every minute of it

Here's to livin' every minute of it
Here's to livin' every minute and enjoying every minute of it

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Things I Know!!

This afternoon I was pondering on the 'years and years' worth of good and stupid information I have gathered.   In my infinite confidence in myself, I felt you may like to know some of the good stuff I have gleaned as I have 'wandered' through this life -

* Ladies, don't bother with eyeliner and brow pencils - get a great mascara and experiment using it not only for your lucious lashes.. but also to define your eyebrows and place eyeliner at the bottom of your top lashes and along the bottom... I've been saving money for years using just mascara

* and while I am on makeup tips.. don't bother with blush... just use your lipstick... a dab or two on the apple of your cheek... some light blending and voila.. you are an english rose with a slight blush... and matching lip colour... works a treat.. been using that one for years too

* a kiss from a handsome stranger can solve all kinds of dilemna's (and NO, I am not going to explain where, how, what, why I gleaned that little piece of advice - suffice it to say I have experience with this one)

* on the back of my previous piece of information - I said a kiss.. don't give it all away... just a kiss.. strange, mysterious... and be nice ladies... (and behave yourself lads) - there is nothing like the first time a guy you like holds your hand.. THAT'S IT.. holds your hand.... holding your hand.. there is nothing like it (and NO, that's another story I wont tell)

* Long loud laughter every morning is a prerequisite to having a good day - GO ON, try this piece of advice.. whatever makes you laugh.. guffaw.. snigger.. giggle.. do it.. every morning.. I promise you.. the day is always good after you've released one of those early on!

* children can restore reality to a person and yet also transport adults to the land of imagination and wonder  in the blink of an eye..... put down the washcloth for just a minute or so.. and get down on the floor and play.. just 5 minutes... you will find that life in all it's reality and yet wonder is right there to behold

* I would have been a great primary school teacher!

* the older I get, the more open I am to 'getting in touch with my inner child'.    Next time you get on a swing.. I dare you to say 'wheeeeeeeeee' as you swing high in the air and back down... the wind blowing through your hair

* Just because you are older and have more to say, doesn't mean what you have to say is more interesting... make sure you let the generations to come have equal time in your conversation - you can learn an awful lot

* I like laugh lines.. and lines created by character and expressions of joy and enjoyment.  Men of the world... you may not appreciate these.. but I do.. so NER!

* being comfortable in your own skin does not require a massive loss of weight, plastic surgery or some miracle treatment to take off the years... it means finally accepting the great beauty and the flaws of this all too human vehicle we have.. and loving that you have it

* Julie Andrews is my favourite... Mary Poppins, Maria, the Queen, Cinderella.. Julie.. you rock, always

Ok.. that's just a few... I'm sure you are doubled over with laughter now.. I shall leave with this parting thing I know... whatever truth you have in your life.. live up to it... and greater truths are made known to you!

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