Here's to livin' every minute of it

Here's to livin' every minute of it
Here's to livin' every minute and enjoying every minute of it

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Music Is My Life

Anyone who knows me, knows that music is my life.  All kinds of music.  U2, sesame street, classical, opera (within reason) and everything in between.  The above clip is of one of my favourites by Lakme.. The Flower Duet.

Music speaks to me - often when I go to see a film, I'll be listening for the soundtrack!!  I have often remarked to friend or family sitting with me at the beginning of a film "there's another soundtrack I have to get"!

I'll never forget going to see Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightly and sitting mesmerised in the opening scene as the piano softly begins to play as the sun slowly rises in the sky.  You will notice on my blog page here I have included some of my many, many favourite pieces of music... most recently from the new Disney film Tangled... I love Disney music.. always have.. always will!

You will also notice on my blog page I have included one of my favourite songs, from "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" sung by one of my all time favourite artists - Kristen Chenoweth

My parents encouraged me early to love music.  My mum and I would sit and watch old musicals (her favourites) and being a 'balletomane" of course classical was part of my repertoire.  I still remember one of the first cassette tapes mum and dad bought me... music from "The Mission".. to this day, the music created in this film brings me to tears..

Here is Yo Yo Ma (one of the all time great musicians) playing my favourite piece from The Mission:
Now that I have lost dad.. when I play this.. and remember that he and mum gave me this love for and appreciation for music.. this music is so much more emotional for me...

Of course, it's not all about soaring notes.. part of the reason I love U2.. it unleashes the wild girl inside of me:
You have never seen me unleash this wild child, but she is there.. and when I put this on.. or any number of other pieces... I just dance, and dance, and dance.. (nope, not EVER gonna post a video of that on here)!

I sing all day long.. hymns, rock tunes, sesame street, the muppets, classical pieces... yep, if you asked me what makes me happiest.. it's music...

So.. here's to the music - the way it moves us, the way it grooves us, the way it makes us feel and the way it unlocks our feelings!

Thanks for the music.. as Abba likes to say!


  1. Tanya enjoying the blog journey with you .. music you tubes and ballet were great

  2. Hello Yann... I know.. why haven't i done this before.. I get to share all my favourites with you and the world... more to come, more to come.. I'm a little obsessed now!! :) Mwah to you!


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